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Write For Us!

Write For US!

We are Excellent Education for Everyone “E3” a research and policy not-for-profit dedicated to improving K-12 education, increasing educational options and working to close gaps in educational achievement in New Jersey.  

Our main aim is to empower and encourage more families to explore their school choice options, by providing information, resources and inspiration to parents. We also work to increase state and federal funding for private, religious and other forms of non-public education.

What are we looking for?

We’re seeking writers to produce “edutainment” content for our websites. If you’ve got an idea that fits within our mandate, we want to hear about it.

You may submit a rough draft, a partial draft, or a short pitch (a paragraph or two summarizing your idea and why it matters to our readers – see profile below) paired with an outline. The more complete your submission is, the better feedback we can give you. Keep in mind that we only accept original content—we do not publish anything that’s been published elsewhere (including on your blog).

What we publish

We publish articles of anywhere between 600–2,500 words, depending on subject complexity. 1,500 words is about average. Articles often run with a licensed photo. Articles should be casual in tone and content— All should be well-considered explorations of education and cutting-edge topics such as edutech, healthy living and nutrition, recipes, kids clothing and products, unique schools and education options.

How to submit (and what happens next)

Email us your submission. We prefer submissions as Google documents so that editors can easily provide feedback and guidance directly within your draft.

An editor will review your submission and determine whether it’s a potential fit.

If we accept your article, we’ll schedule it for publication as soon as any revisions are complete.  We’ll give you a specific publication date until the article is almost ready to go live.  Also please submit an author bio.

Compensation will be discussed and agreed by the editor, if the article is accepted. If we see potential after several submissions we may discuss other arrangements on assignment.

Reader Profile:

New Jersey Mom/Parents:

  • 30-45 years old
  • Lives in New Jersey or the tri-state area
  • Is a housewife
  • Or works in the tri-state area
  • College degree or GED
  • Has a nanny or drops kids off at daycare
  • Married, Single or Divorced
  • 1-2 kids
  • Income $30-+100K


  • Sending her kids to good schools
  • Might live in an upper income or low income area
  • Tech and financially savvy
  • Uses Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin
  • Uniform is leggings and alt-leisure wear on the weekends
  • Tries to feed her family organically
  • A soccer mom
  • Helps kids with homework
  • Is engaged and invested in her children’s learning in and out of school
  • Likes to read about parenting skills
  • Into finding new recipes 
  • Has a pet(s)
  • Into fashion and the latest trends