Excellent Education for Everyone is a research and policy not-for-profit 501(C)(3) with the mission of improving K-12 education, increasing educational options and working to close gaps in educational achievement in New Jersey.

E3 also has helped sponsor The New Jersey School Choice and Education Reform Alliance, a coalition of supporters of school choice.

From our inception, E3 has been guided by our Board’s fundamental rule: we are solely focused on improving education outcomes for the children of New Jersey. We believe that this can be best achieved by implementing legislative and administrative policies that encourage greater choice in schooling.

E3 has done this by building coalitions of diverse education reformers and by engaging citizens statewide. We do not focus on any other issues. As such, we have been able to develop critical relationships with Democratic and Republican legislators and education opinion leaders statewide. We have provided briefings, informational forums and other information and support for the goals of the New Jersey Opportunity Scholarship Act, which would help students in our most disadvantaged districts with scholarships to choose superior schools, and have supported inter-district school choice, charter and virtual schools, online supplemental courses, education savings accounts and other options.

We believe that every parent should know that their child can succeed and that education is the key. We want them to know that a great education can be available for their child. We work to help parents find the Choices that exist, to fight for more public funding for Choice and to strengthen and expand those Choices. We also believe that all schools in New Jersey and education in New Jersey will improve if more education options are made available to our parents and children.