Help get the School Choice bill passed in NJ!

Welcome to the E3 Toolkit! Here you’ll find information and resources you need to understand the School Choice program – including how it works, its benefits and the impact it can have on the education of our children. You’ll also find resources to help you set up meetings and get the word out about school choice.

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Eligibility and Scale: Universal or Targeted? 

Admissions: School Missions or Open Admissions?

Testing: Single Test or Menu of Options?

Uses: Traditional Vouchers or Education Savings Accounts (ESAs)?

Administration: Nonprofits and State Agencies

ESA Financial Accountability: Reimbursements, Debit Cards or Online Platforms?

Tax-Credit Scholarships: A Primer on Policy Options


Email Your Legislator

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How to set up a parent meet up group

Marketing Materials

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