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E3 we are solely focused on
improving education outcomes for the children of New Jersey!

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There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul
than the way in which it treats its children.

E3 is dedicated to providing

Excellent Education
for all children of New Jersey!


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E3 is a nonprofit dedicated to improving New Jersey K-12 education, promoting school choice options and helping close gaps in educational achievement in NJ for all students


Learn about the Great Schools in NJ!

E3 is committed to educating citizens of New Jersey on the benefits
of school choice and to building support for real change

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We hope New Jersey parents are not counting on public school assessment test results to help determine if their children are heading toward college or a good career #schoolchoice #parcc #studentassessments #testing

Lots of chatter about the first New Jersey School Choice Fair! Saturday, January 22nd at St. Peters College Jersey City DJ, Refreshments and lots of Schools to Choose From!! #schoochoice #fun

We are back from a terrific National Summit on Education in Orlando with many lessons on bridging divides and working better with opponents of school choice. #excelined #amandaripley #RobertGeorge

Despite the temptations, we are not piling on Jersey City Public School's decision not to re-open. It's a great time for planning a super re-opening in the Fall and for teachers, District staff and the NJEA to reflect deeply and work together to make it so

Is something amiss in Jersey City Public School Finance and Management? Something that is fixable right there at home without huge state handouts?

We honor the memory and years of service, including to the cause of education equality and fairness, of a fine American, George Shultz, who departed us last week and leaves a remarkable legacy of action and ideas...

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