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National School Choice Week
Jan 24-30, 2021

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E3 is a nonprofit dedicated to improving New Jersey K-12 education, promoting school choice options and helping close gaps in educational achievement in NJ for all students

Learn about the Great Schools in NJ!

E3 is committed to educating citizens of New Jersey on the benefits 
of school choice and to building support for real change

Know Your NJ School Choice Options

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National School Choice Week 2021 Live Kick Off https://t.co/87GvaidSC1 via @YouTube

Tom Byrne, Jr. moderates Thursday's panel on the fiscal windfall for New Jersey Taxpayers through Education Reform
#coreydeangelis #educationequality

Really Looking forward to our 2021 National School Choice Week Event on January 28th All Virtual and Lots to Celebrate!!! https://t.co/W7cHeN3kvH #educationequality #schoolchoice #njleftbehind

Wow!! National School Choice Week giveaway contest is now open for K-12 schools and students throughout NJ!
Last year, Bayonne Christian School won and
this year prizes are much bigger and better!!
laptops and gift cards. https://t.co/z1471y19fc
#contest #nscw

Here's hoping re-thinking ways to educate is a pandemic silver-lining. Online only does not cut it. Teachers on-site and other kids are essential. More Parents see great new options and are for fair, equal funding to help--a golden trend! https://t.co/SI7ifxiYqW

It would be great if NJ Spotlight would highlight this provocative piece on Education Equality during the pandemic--Jersey Style https://t.co/I5uMHkeyog #jerseycan #pandemiceducation #educationequality

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