The Public Benefit of Private Schooling: Test Scores Rise When There Is More of It

By Corey A. DeAngelis, Cato Institute Center for Educational Freedom. January 22, 2018

The Game Plan

By Donald P. Nielsen, Chairman, The American Center For Transforming Education, The Discovery Institute. October 10, 2017

The Texas Economy and School Choice

In 2015, noted economist Art Laffer wrote a report for the Texas Public Policy Foundation on the economic impact of ESAs.

School Choice Pays Off, Literally

In 2013, Dr. Patrick Wolf and Michael McShane published “School Choice Pays Off, Literally,” which explained how the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program produced $2.62 in benefits for every $1 spent on it.

Money for Nothing Report

This is a report on the performance of the Newark Public School District prepared by Excellent Education for Everyone with support from School Watch. The report looks at student outcome and efficiency, and how well the school systems in Newark are serving students and their families. Overall, the report looks into the big picture of why educational systems without governmental oversight do not work. This leads to a much lower quality of education for students who come from a low-income families.

The Future of the Camden City School District

This report takes a look at whether the underperforming Camden Public School System can set an example for effective urban school reform for the country. More specifically, it  looks at the the history, performance, and future of Camden New Jersey Schools, as well as the impact and policy issues of dramatically increased enrollment in charter and renaissance schools.