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The Opportunity Scholarship Act and Education Savings Account legislation would fund school choice in the New Jersey. E3 is developing a private scholarship program to build support for school choice.

E3 is working to provide Education Savings Accounts and Opportunity scholarships before OSA legislation is enacted. These scholarships will directly help children and build understanding and a model for public funding of ESAs and OSAs once they become law.  We will use private, not public dollars. These scholarships will operate similarly to ESAs and Opportunity Scholarships provided with public funds in other states.

Because New Jersey is a key battleground state for school choice, this partnership model has the potential to inform future efforts nationwide seeking to give parents the choice and tools to choose the best educational options for their children.

Initially, we are working to Fund a Future for K-8 students enrolled in Catholic Partnership Schools’ (CPS) five schools in Camden (Holy Name, Sacred Heart, Saint Anthony of Padua, Saint Cecilia, and Saint Joseph Pro-Cathedral Schools).

We’re pleased to be partnering with CPS, which is delivering exceptional results for $8,000 per child vs. $25,000 per Camden district school student.

Please stay tuned as we complete our program!