Preparing for Kindergarten

As the school year approaches for first time Kindergartner’s, these cards and videos have great tips for parents!

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BOWDON: Teachers Get Respect

Janus Ruling Says Teachers Have the Right to Decide Union Membership for Themselves

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled in the Janus case that public school teachers who want nothing to do with private organizations called teachers unions will no longer be forced to pay them part of their salaries. Kind of sounds American, doesn’t it? If I don’t agree with the views of any private group’s beliefs, whether it’s the NRA, PETA, AARP or some flat earth society, I shouldn’t have to give them my hard-earned money if I don’t want to.

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EdTech and Personalized Learning School Choice Week Conference

Sprout U School of Arts performs the National School Choice Dance of 2018.

Advocates for #SchoolChoice Gather at @LibertySciCtr for the New Jersey School Choice Conference @schoolchoicewk #SchoolChoiceWeek

School Choice Matters!

Too many students in New Jersey are being left behind. Taxpayers aren't getting their money's worth!

School Choice Works!

With spending in the hands of parents, education funds can be more fairly allocated and lead to equal or less spending and better education.

Why Now?

The majority of Garden State residents support school choice, which has received bi-partisan politcal support.